4WD Vic – Insurance Program

The principal covers arranged for 4WD Victoria are:

1. Combined Public and Products Liability Insurance

This policy is designed to protect FWDV and its Affiliated Clubs by responding to claims for compensation made against it for negligence causing bodily injury and/or property damage, for which FWDV and its Affiliated Clubs are legally liable, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

2. Personal Accident

Benefits are payable if an Event listed in the Policy occurs whilst the Insured Person is engaged in approved events or unpaid voluntary activities approved and under the control of the Insured  (refer to page 3 of the below document for Benefits)

3. Association Liability

This policy protects the Association and Affiliated Clubs against losses which they may become legally obligated to pay on account of any claim made against them for:

    • Directors & Officers Liability
    • Employment Liability
    • Insured Organisation Liability
    • Employee Crime. 

Your annual membership fees give you the cover in the three areas above. This is further explained in the downloadable document titled: 4WD Victoria 2013/14 Insurance Program Oveview (pdf)