Privacy Policy

  1. The Wangaratta 4×4 club respects the right of its members to the privacy of personal information* and does not forward, issue or publish members’ details outside of the club environment without prior written permission of the member. Distribution of such information could be via the club’s newsletter, website, social media, email or local newspaper articles.
  1. Club members should respect the privacy of others and should not disclose personal information to a third party without prior written permission of that person.
  1. When members join the club and sign the Membership Application Form they agree to give the club permission to use their own and their vehicle’s image for publication in newsletters, newspapers, on the club’s website, social media and on club promotional displays. If this condition is not acceptable, they have the option of striking out this paragraph on the form and informing the Membership Secretary of their wishes.
  1. On every club trip, all members, guests or visitors are required to fill in and sign a Personal Details Form. These are kept in sealed envelopes in the glovebox of their own vehicle and is critical to ‘first response medical treatment’ and will only be accessed in such a situation.
  1. Guests/Visitors are required to fill in a Temporary Member/Guest Trip Participant Form and pay the 4WD Vic insurance levy. By filling in this form there is an implied permission given to the club to use their personal information*.

*including information that identifies a person e.g. on social media, in a photograph, video or digital image or identifies their vehicle.

Policy ratified by committee on 27 May 2014

Click [HERE] to view a pdf version of the Privacy Policy