Edi Cutting…Christmas Bash…13th-14th Dec 2014

Hi to all members

This weekend trip (Edi Cutting…Christmas Bash…13th-14th Dec 2014) has been on the Calendar for quite a while.

It is a traditional outing we’ve been doing for a number of years at different locations which occasionally have been washed out because of floods etc.

When this happened, (two years ago), the venue was changed to a member’s home.

Last year the Club held this event and there were no takers.

So before I start to set out to organise the trailer, the BBQ  and chase up a leader for the weekend, could I have a show of hands just who is actually attending?

RSVP — I need to have this information by no later than 8.00pm tomorrow night…Thursday the 11th of Dec. Please email me at: abrown52@eftel.net.au if you intend to attend.

Remember the weekend camp is at EDI Cutting (see directions below) Saturday night with trips around the area each day or you can sit by the King River, fish, snooze, read a book or whatever with your mates!!

I would also like to thank all who attended last night’s final Club meeting for the year.
It was very gratifying to see you all there having some social time, eating great BBQ food then attending the meeting. It was also nice to see that new people (Ron from Benalla) turned up to the last meeting of the year. Let’s keep the ball rolling into the New Year.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you all.

Merry Christmas to you all,
Andrew Brown — Vice President

Edi Directions

  • Starting point:  APCO service station Wangaratta (heading towards Moyhu)
  • Head on the main road until you reach a set of traffic lights.
  • At these lights turn right.
  • Follow this road for about 26k’s and you will reach the small town of Moyhu.
  • Edi Cutting is a huge campsite 10km south of Moyhu (still continuing on the same road you travelled to get to Moyhu) towards Whitfield.
  • It is so large, it has 2 toilets, one at each end.
  • The turn off can be missed, so look out for a dirt track on your left with a Sign “Edi Cutting’, just before the road rises.
  • If you do miss it, or are coming from the south, once again look for a track just before the road rises.
  •  The river running along the camping area offers a great touch to the large camping area.
  • It’s even a good spot to wet a line.
  • There are heaps of fireplaces spread around the campsite.

Directions courtesy of Tom Barnard…thanks mate.

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