Guests participating in Club Trips & Outings
This is the club’s position on Guests participating in Club Trips & Outings. Simply – we encourage it whole-heartedly.

Quote from 4WD Vic. “….Guest or Temporary Memberships – these are defined as people who join the club for the benefit of a particular event or occasion, such as a club trip, or annual event. Most clubs have appropriate Club Guest/Temporary Membership”.

Temporary Member/Guest Trip Participant Form
It is important to note that these Guests/Temporary Members will not be covered by insurance unless the appropriate form called Temporary Member/Guest Trip Participant Form* has been completed and accepted by an authorised Club official/delegate prior to the running of the trip or event, and the applicable fee has been paid for each Temporary Member/Guest.

This form plus the amount of $15.00 is then to be forwarded to 4WD Vic. along with their name/s and membership number/s which then provides your club and the Guest/Temporary Member with full insurance cover up to the end of the financial year – 30th June.” Note: The club limits guests to three trips before they have to join as a full member.

Personal Details Form — For Club members and Guest/Temporary Members
For all club trips it is mandatory for every participant (including kids), whether a member or a guest, to complete a ‘Personal Details Form’,* to place the form in an envelope with their name on the front and to carry the envelope in the glove box of the vehicle they are in. The form supplies emergency contact details – Medicare, ambulance and medical details critical to ‘first response medical treatment’ should that be needed while on the trip. This will be treated as a very personal document and will only be opened in an emergency. The envelope of course can contain a blank sheet of paper, your well-being is totally up to you – the trip leader’s responsibility is to remind participants of the requirement. Please retain your envelope as it can be re-used from trip to trip.

Trip Insurance – Guest /Temporary Memberships
4WD Vic. Club Insurance covers financial members (part of your club subscription) and their immediate family while on a designated club trip. Likewise the $15.00 4WD Vic. insurance levy for Guests or Temporary Members covers the ‘guest’s immediate family only i.e. spouse and children’. The levy is applicable to each guest whether they are driving their own vehicle or are a passenger in another guest’s or member’s vehicle. E.g. if a visitor and his mate come on a trip, they must pay $15.00 each, whereas a visitor and his wife or child would only pay $15.00 altogether. This covers them for up to three trips in that financial year. Note: The club limits guests to three trips before they have to join as a full member.

This 4WD Vic. insurance levy needs only to be paid once in the club financial year (it is good for three trips), and as with all club trips – participation in the trip is at the discretion of the Trip Leader.
The Guest /Temporary Membership is not meant to be an alternative to full club membership (with all its additional benefits). It is purely for guests of members or those looking at joining our club for the 4WD lifestyle or for those folk that participate infrequently in our volunteer program or the like. It is not meant to act as a stop-gap for non-financial members.

It is the trip leader’s responsibility to ensure that all participants in their trip are covered i.e. financial members and their guests.

* Forms available from the club’s website click Here

David Jackson
Presidents Report – July 2011