For Trip Leaders

All Trip Leader’s should be familiar with the checklists, reports and equipment requirements explained in the  Club’s Trip Leader’s Pack (pdf). Click the link to view or download.

The Pack includes:

  • Pre-trip report, complete and forwarded to Webmaster, Newsletter editor & Trip coordinator prior to your trip
  • Pre-trip checklist for trip leaders sheet complete (all points read & considered)
  • Recommended equipment relating to the vehicles has been read and considered
  • Trip participants sheet complete and forwarded to your emergency contact(then forwarded to trip coordinator at the conclusion of your trip)
  • Emergency strategy checklist complete and forwarded to your emergency contact (along with trip participants sheet)

Satellite Phone instructions  Iridium Satphone 9555 Club User Manual (pdf)

4WD Victoria has also produced — Trip Leader’s Guidelines (pdf) .Click the link to view or download.

Leader’s need to fill-in the Pre-Trip Details Form – Click HERE to download a Word version of the form which you can type into and email directly. Click HERE for a pdf version of the form. This form then needs to be emailed to the Webmaster, Newsletter Editor and Trip Co-ordinator.